Woog Laboratories, Inc.
Open Letter to Parents and Teens
Kenneth M. Woog, Psy. D.
While working at a community based counseling program, Dr. Kenneth Woog identified excess computer use as a serious problem affecting adolescents and their families. Excess computer use was associated with reduced academic performance, social isolation, sleep related disorders, depression, family conflict and even violence.

To better undertand this newly identified problem, Dr. Woog conducted a nationwide survey of mental health professionals. This research revealed that suprisingly few clinicians reported using moderation and software controls as a method of treatment. Why? While Dr. Woog worked with parents to install and implement some of the commercially available software for parental control he found there was no truly effective way for parents to monitor or moderate teenage children's computer use.

Software solutions aren't effective because they are complicated to install and relatively easy for determined teenagers to defeat. Since teenaged children often know more about computers than their parents, they are in effect the "system administrators". Even with the strictest security settings, they can trick their parents and can find ways to delete or disable almost any software program installed. What was needed was a simple, effective solution that parents could install and use that worked independently of the computer, operating system or any application software.
President and Founder
Dr. Woog invented and designed the PC Moderator hardware.
He is also a licensed clinical psychologist in Southern California specializing in Computer Addiction.
A Survey of Mental Health Professionals Clinical Exposure to Problematic Computer Use
Kenneth M. Woog, Psy.D.
Timothy M. Woog.
Sofware Design Engineer
Timothy is the software engineer for the PC Moderator. The PC Moderator contains a Zilog ez80 CPU with 128k of flash program written in "C" and assembly language.
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Besides having both a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Dr. Woog has been a parent of teenagers for the past 9 years. He has personally experienced some of the same difficulties other parents have had with excessive teenage computer use. It is this education, training and personal and clinical experience that was the basis for the PC Moderator. Dr. Woog founded Woog Labs for the development, manufacturing and marketing of the PC Moderator and was incorporated in 2004. His oldest son, Timothy, a computer science major at University of Califonia, Irvine developed the software stored inside the PC Moderator.

The PC Moderator combines ease of installation, high security and operation designed specifically for parents of teenagers into the ideal solution for moderating excess computer use.