PCM-1 VGA Version 1.7 Product Specifications
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DVI Model Specs
PC VGA: 15 pin HD22 male connector
Keyboard: PS/2 6 pin mini DIN female
VGA Display: 15 pin HD22 female connector on cable
Computer: PS/2 6 pin mini-DIN male (or USB with adapter)
Electrical and Mechanical:
Power: 5V, approx. 150mw (not including keyboard usage)
Battery: CR2032 3V Lithium coin battery for real time clock
Enclosure: 2 piece 18 gauge stainless steel (2.5" x 1.2" x .8")
Padlock: Solid brass with 7/32" case hardened steel shackle
Installation Features:
No software installation required - works with any operating system - Windows or Unix
Easy step-by-step first time setup - no computer expertise required
Compatible with virtually any desktop computer with VGA monitor

Advanced setup menu allows for advanced controls and reportsNote: no space for the text!
New 1.7 Features!!
Automatic User 1 login feature automatically enables display when User 1 time is authorized
   and does not require that the user enter password on keyboard for display to be enabled.
Weekly Limits now allow parents to set an allowed weekly total so older teens can have
    greater choice on how their time is used.
Hourly allowance time feature allows parents to reward computer time for a child meeting
   other responsibiltiies or as part of a token economy. No expiration on time limits.
Usage reports can now be generated by user to monitor own computer use.
Supports new USB upgrade kit with Login keypad.

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Operating Features:
Supports 8 password protected users (in addition to parent and setup users)
Independent limit settings for each user (time ranges/amount in 1-minute intervals)
Limit settings can be set by day of week, weekdays, weekend days and holidays
Easy setup of a restricted time period during the day for homework, chores or meals
Holiday settings allow relaxed limits during child's vacation or holidays from school.
Nighttime display dim helps reduce biological effects of late night computer use
Daily user enable feature allows parents to manually enable use once each day
Bonus time feature allows from 10-90 minutes of time easily added by parent
User-disable feature with re-enable date (i.e. for computer grounding)
Computer Use Report provides daily usage and period average use statistics
Parent User allows unlimited use without setup access to reduce risk of tampering
Automatically logs out users when computer is turned off, shutdown or placed in standby
Internal setup password override jumper if the setup password is forgotten/changed
Lithium battery-backed internal clock with Daylight Saving Time prevents time tampering
On-screen graphical display indicates time remaining
10, 5 and 1 minute screen warnings of impending time expiration