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Q: After Daylight Saving Time, why does the PC Moderator appears to be set to the wrong time?
A: Beginning in 2007, Daylight Saving Time has changed. PC Moderators shipped prior to February 16, 2007 use the prior schedule. To avoid incorrect time settings, run the PC Moderator Setup and turn off the Daylight Saving Time setting. Run PC Moderator Setup and move the hour ahead or back according to the current Daylight Saving Time Schedule. If you would like to upgrade your PC Moderator, contact us for more information.

Q: I want to upgrade to a wireless or USB keyboard on the PCM-VGA. What should I do?
A: If your PC Moderator is version 1.7, you may purchase the USB Upgrade Kit. This kit provides a separate keypad to setup and log into the PC Moderator and an adapter to connect the PC Moderator to a USB port on your computer. If you have 1.6 or earlier, your PC Moderator will need to be upgraded to use the USB Upgrade kit. Contact us for more information.

Q: What can I do if nothing appears on the display when the computer is powered?
A: Check the following before assuming the PC Moderator or computer is defective:
1) Check that the VGA/DVI display cable is properly connected to the cable exiting the PC Moderator.
2) Check that the long keyboard plug is completely plugged into the PS/2 keyboard port of the PC (or USB to PS/2 adapter).
3) Check that the PC Moderator is properly secured to the VGA port (or DVI port on PCM-DVI model) of the computer.
4) Make sure the computer and display are properly powered.
5) Make sure that a screen saver has not timed out.
6) Try shutting the computer down, unplugging (important) and replugging the PC Moderator plug to the keyboard port of the PC and restart the computer.

Q: I can't find the Scoll-Lock key on my keyboard. Where is it and what should I do?
A: Most likely the key name is abreviated. It could be "Scrlk", "Scrl-lk" or something similar. It is usually located between "Print Scrn" and "Pause" along the top row of the keyboard. Some keyboards (some Sony models) require that you also press a second "Fn" key to actually generate a Scroll-Lock key code.

Q: Nothing happens when pressing Scroll Lock two times. Is the PC Moderator working?
A: You may be pressing the Scroll Lock key too fast or too slow. Try slowing down or speeding up. Also the PC Moderator may be in the Setup Menu and will not respond to the Scroll Lock keys during this time. Exit and log out using the Setup Menu selections (0).

Q: When attempting to run Setup, many application windows open up and the PC beeps. What is happening?
A: The Wordpad application was not running or was not the active window when Setup was activated. Press Scroll-Lock once to stop the flow of keystrokes from the PC Moderator, close the errant applications, open/select the text editor and try again. Make sure that no pop up applications such AIM or virus scanners are running. If you have pop up ads you will need to remove them with a commercially available pop up ad remover utility.

Q: The PC Moderator powers up with the display ON after displaying a few colored screens and does not display the Login Prompt. What is happening?
A: The PC Moderator is not set up or has been completely reset. Alternately the blue shunt is removed or not properly installed causing the PC Moderator to powerup automatically logged in as the Setup User (F10).

Q: The PC Moderator does not keep time/date after powering down the computer?
A: The CR2032 lithium battery may have run down and must be replaced. It should last at least 1 year with normal use. For some computers that maintain power to the keyboard when powered off, the battery may last for years. If the battery was just replaced, then it is not properly installed (+ side up) or is defective.

Q: What do I do if the the Setup and/or parent passwords no longer work?
A: Regardless of the reason the Setup password does not work (a child may have discovered and changed the Setup password) you will need to open the PC Moderator and change the password. Refer to the manual section entitled "If You Forget the Setup Password" for instructions on how to change the password.

Q: What should I do if my child has damaged the PC Moderator and it no longer works or will not lock?
A: Return the PC Moderator for out of warranty service. We suggest you make you child pay for the repairs and lose access to the computer for 2-3 weeks. Check the Warranty/Returns section of this web site for return instructions.

Q: Once the PC Moderator times out, the child cannot see the display to shut down the computer and asks for bonus time to do so. What should I do?
A: Since the child has no access to the keyboard, except to shut down the computer, during the last minute of the flashing screen, this isn't likely. However if your child attempts this as a way to get extra computer time, you should shut down the computer yourself. First, attempt to power down by pressing the power button. This will log out of Windows and shutdown. If this does not work, log in with the Parent (F9) password and then shut down manually. Your child will generally give up this strategy pretty quickly.To encourage the child to shut down properly, you can provide a "reward" of 10 extra minutes of computer use (bonus time) periodically if they shut down properly.

Q: What can we do with our PC Moderator VGA model if we upgrade our computer or video card with one that has one or two DVI ports?
A: We no longer offer a DVI Model upgrade kit but now have a DVI model that provides both DVI and VGA outputs. It is available for purchase. We are offering a special upgrade program to allow users to exchange the older models for the new model. Contact Woog Labs for more information.

Q: Can't my child simply connect the computer to his TV using the S-Video output of his video display card to defeat the PC Moderator?
A: The DVI models block access to additional ports. If you have the VGA model, contact us about an optional S-Video Cover Plate which, when properly installed, prevents access to the S-Video port that is available on some video cards.