In Case of Technical Difficulties
If you are having problems installing, configuring or operating the PC Moderator, please read the following frequently asked questions before contacting us. There are aspects of operation that can be a little confusing if you are not fully aware of how the product works. For more information, refer to the User’s Guide, the built in Tutorial program or our website at www.pcmoderator.com. If all else fails, call us at (949) 422-4120. We will return support calls within 24 hours. Please leave us the best time (day or night) to reach you when you are home at the computer.

Q. I had trouble setting up the device and I decided to start over. I then reset, shut down or restarted the computer. The keyboard does not seem to work now. What is going on?

A. The PC Moderator works independently of the computer and operating system. It did not recognize the reset or restart. If you were in the middle of setup, it will hang there until either you:
1) Press the hotkey <Scroll-lock> (Num-lock for PCM-DVI or if using the login Keypad) (this exits Setup but leaves the PC Moderator logged in as Setup User)
2) Unplug the PC Moderator’s PS/2 plug to the computer keyboard port (or USB to PS/2 adapter) and then plug it back in
3) Shut down and UNPLUG the computer. Shutting down the computer may not be sensed by the setup program since many newer computers supply power to the keyboard port during standby and shutdown. Since the PC Moderator still has power, it will not reset out of setup.
Solution: To be sure you have reset the PC Moderator, shut down the computer, unplug it and wait 3 minutes before plugging it in and powering back up. If you were in the middle of setup when you shut down you may not return to the first time setup. If the setup menu displays when attempting to re-run first time setup, you may reset as new by selecting “9 – Diagnostic Menu”, then “9 – Reset as New”, then press [<=Backspace] to select “Yes” to confirm, then press [Enter] to reset. Shut down the computer, unplug, wait 3 minutes, plug back in and power back up. Then repeat the first time setup.

Q. When I try to log in my child to test operation after first time setup, it does not seem to recognize my child or his password. What is happening?

A. There are several possible causes for this. If pressing the User’s number (1-8) results in the screen changing to the password prompt (red screen graphic with purple bar at the top) then the User has been setup, otherwise you will need to add that user from Setup. If, after the password is entered, the screen flashes 3 times with a red hash screen, then use at the current time is not allowed for one of the following reasons:

1. The Manual Daily Enable feature was set ON for that user. This feature requires that the Parent log them in once per day (after homework, chores are done, etc.) Use the Setup password with their user number (not 0!) to login that user when time is available for them. If this works, then is the cause.

2. Use is not allowed at the current time. Is the current time of day not allowed for your child? How much time was authorized for this day? Try to add bonus time. Select the User (1-8), at the password prompt press 1, [Enter]. The screen should go back to the password prompt. Now enter the Setup password (rather than the child’s), then [Enter]. If this works, then current time is not allowed or the clock is set wrong as in 3 below.

3. The PC Moderator Clock has been set to the wrong time or AM/PM are swapped. Thus valid users may not able to log in at the current time if the PC Moderator thinks it is 2am. Remember that the PC Moderator time clock is separate from the computer’s clock.

Solution: Run setup to check and change user or time settings.

If after entering the password, the screen redisplays the password prompt or displays a red screen and hangs for 10 seconds or 60 seconds (password hack protection), then the password has been entered wrong or the user has been manually disabled.

Solution: run setup to reset the user password if you are not sure what the password has been set to.

Q. After installing and setting up the device, I don’t see Windows or login or password prompts? All I see are flashing color patterns. Did the PC Moderator break my computer?

A. No. The PC Moderator uses these colored patterns as the prompts. In order to keep the prompts distinct from the Operating System, these unique patterns were chosen. You will not see these patterns on any other application program or operating system. The flashing blue screen (red if repeated failed login) occurs while the system is loading. Do not press keys during this time. The alternating full screen blue and red hash screen is the Login Prompt. The solid red screen with the purple bar at the top is the Password Prompt. As the password is entered, red/blue bars appear down the screen for each key typed. After the correct password is entered (and time is available) the display will be enabled and you will see the Operating System.

Q. My child is telling me that the computer powers up with a blank screen or the keyboard doesn’t work. He says it doesn’t work and demands I remove it. What should I do?

A. The PC Moderator may have locked up or the computer has hung.

Solution: After checking all cables are attached, shut down (hold power button if necessary) and unplug the computer. Wait 5 minutes. Plug in the computer and power it back up. The flashing blue screen (or red) should appear and eventually either the alternating blue and red screens (Login Prompt) OR a normal display will appear if the Automatic User 1 Login feature is enabled.

Q. After my computer is idle for a while, the screen goes blank. The computer is still running but the PC Moderator seems locked up. What is happening?

A. The computer has shut off the monitor to conserve power causing the PC Moderator to log off the current user. On most systems, moving the mouse (try this first) or pressing a key (i.e. <Esc>, second choice) will bring the system back. If this does not work, then you will need to disable the monitor power down setting as follows:

Solution: Power down the computer (press power button, hold for 5 seconds if necessary) and wait 10 seconds before turning back on. Log on the PC Moderator as a parent user (9). Log in the operating system. Turn off power saving to the monitor through the control panel. On Windows:
  1. Click “Start” button
  2. Click “Control Panel”
  3. Double click on the “Display” icon
  4. Select “Screen Saver” tab
  5. Click “Power” button
6. Select “Never” setting for “Turn off power to monitor” under “Plugged in column.
Note: Be sure to turn off monitor when not in use if you decide to keep the computer powered.

The PC Moderator has been shown to be very reliable over the past year of production. While there have been some failures in the field, the vast majority of suspected problems and warranty exchanges have been found to be operator errors only.