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Are you constantly telling your child to get off the computer and get on to homework, chores or bed?
How kids defeat
 parental controls...
Does your child stay up late playing games or chatting and has trouble getting up for school?
Have you attempted to install parental control software only to have your teen outsmart you?
Do you want to set time limits for your children but
don't want them to know that you are using software to monitor their on-line activity?
The PC Moderator installs and locks on the computer
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the PC Moderator™ can help. The PC Moderator™ is a small electronic device that plugs into and locks on the VGA (PCM-1 VGA) or DVI (PCM-DVI) video display port of virtually any desktop computer to help parents monitor and limit computer use. With no software to install, PC Moderator can be installed in less than 5 minutes and does not require any computer knowledge to install or setup. Its compatible with all software and operating systems, including web monitoring or keylogging software. Used with "stealth" web monitoring software, PC Moderator limits excess computer use without giving away that you are monitoring your child's on-line activity!

PC Moderator restricts use by shutting off signals to the display (connected to the PC Moderator) when your child is not allowed or has exceeded the time limits you have set. The PC Moderator contains its own battery-backed clock and electronic controls enclosed in a compact 18 gauge stainless-steel case. Since it operates virtually independent of the computer, it is compatible with all operating systems and applications and cannot be hacked or disabled through programming or software means. It can even be configured on the parent's computer and then installed on the child's where the parent has no password access!

Unlike parental control software or operating system security features, the PC Moderator does not require parents to be the system administrator or know more about the computer than the teen. With the PC Moderator installed, parents can effortlessly (and with much less conflict) limit the total amount of time their children can use the computer each day and the times of day that use is allowed. Parents can easily restrict unsupervised use or use before homework or chores are complete. It offers a host of advanced features such as daily manual enable, bonus time, computer grounding until a set date and relaxed holiday/vacations settings. The PC Moderator was designed specifically to help reduce stress and family conflict over excess computer use by teenagers.
Computer Gaming Addiction. Click here to find out how PC Moderator can help...
The PC Moderator can help adults reduce their own dependence on the computer...
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Keep it stealth!
Use PC Moderator to maintain time limits in conjunction with your "stealth" web monitoring software
Display dim feature reduces the negative effects of nighttime computer use
pcmoderator001021.gif * "Hack" - To use one's skill in computer programming to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file or network. (http://education.yahoo.com/reference/dictionary/entry/hack). The PC Moderator cannot be hacked or disabled through programming or software means.
Independent settings for each day of the week and holiday / vacation day
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Limits can be set by time of day, amount of daily and/or weekly use
Independent settings for up to 8 users plus unlimited parent user